The Original Tangos

Griff's comments about Gianfranco's music:  Gianfranco has composed about 60 works, milongas and traditional tangos.  We have practiced about 40 of them and have over 30 of them in our performance repertoire.  Each work is a delight to play.  Each one stands by itself and has its own unique musical elements.  How Gianfranco is able to do this is amazing to me.


On how Gianfranco composes the tunes:  "I start thinking about a very emotional/passionate old or not so old memory of an event/situation/person/idea and the notes start coming one by one with the chords and the general tempo; and the more the memory comes alive, the more the tune comes alive until i have the impression of that memory complete with the sound of the accordion.  And I know it is complete when I have few tears and I do not have more notes to add and I live again, at that moment, that memory."


Gianfranco's Compositions

  1. Intro - Lets Do It:  I felt the sound of an accordion when I was 4 or 5 or 6 years young. I still have that sound under my skin. This tango is only a few bars and the beginning of all my original tangos.
  2. Adam:  The drummer from San Jose State. Griff and I made some music with him and other friends. This tune came about to try to make Adam "stanco" (Italian for tired) but it did not work. At the end Adam was fresh when he started this tune.
  3. 10 Year Old Tango: When I started to think of the mood of tango music about 10 years ago, I put a few notes down on paper.
  4. Tango Red:  A friend of mine, Kat, started telling the story about her new car, an old gray car used just to move around San Jose and getting to work.....but the inside.....well the inside was all red. Everything red. Kat was excited.
  5. Danny:  The trombone player from San Jose State, We made music together with Griff, Adam, Jessica and other friends. This tango is all about the sound that Danny was able to create.
  6. One Hour Last Month:  A calm night that we can have every month. That for about one hour we are thinking only of that day, waiting for something.
  7. Jessica 8:  The pianist from San Jose State. She is very calm and friendly. Jessica's words: "...I think the rhythm and composition in Jessica 8 is a perfect description of me - melancholy, sparse, moody, and it fades in minor too. I remember the rehearsals and performances..."
  8. Sofia:  My daughter...well, what can I say, the most beautiful and lovely girl around. This is the tune that I used for her wedding. I'll forever remember the first time she was in front of my eyes...big big big eyes...looking at me and asking me "...what took you so long...?"
  9. Don't Look Too Hard:  Kat was looking for a boyfriend, week after week. She was looking too hard.
  10. Kat 3:  Kat decided to go into the Army.
  11. Fabrizio And Kristie:  A tune for their wedding.
  12. Frustration:  Sometime things are not going to end the way you like and you do not know how to conclude them.
  13. Kat 7:  A walk in San Jose during the First Friday Art Walk; it is raining, I am with friends and the night is lovely. I do not want the night to end.
  14. Jessica 5:  This tango came about because a concert she participated in at San Jose State. She was the only girl at the piano with 7 or 8 male other students and Jessica was the only one moving with "ritmo" (Italian for rhythm)  of the music performed. She was the only one in the moment of the music.
  15. Jessica Tango:  She was visualizing her moves on the piano performing a tango.
  16. In 2 Tempi:  When we change our thinking in 1 moment.
  17. After Piazzolla:  "Omaggio" (Italian for homage) to Piazzolla. This was soon after I discovered my passion for Piazzolla's tangos. 
  18. Rossana Rodolfo Stefania:  Remembering my sisters and my brother.
  19. Mix:  Dedicated to the open mic that I helped start at the Sunnyvale Art Gallery Cafe'. 
  20. Mondo In Dmin:  Well...the title is borrowed in part from Celentano's "Mondo in Mi Settima".  The tango is about ideas pouring out, growing, maturing, going away, and new ones exploding.
  21. Zillha's Eyes:  Danny's friend. I loved her eyes.
  22. Stefania:  My sister, my baby sister.
  23. Giuseppina:  The girl that I met at preschool and I married.
  24. Una Serata:  A tango for going into evening.
  25. Da Solo A Casa:  When you are by yourself and you are continuing to create.
  26. Anna:  A beautiful soccer player.
  27. Bambina In Giappone: From watching an embrace on the news.  When a mother finds her little daughter and they hug and kiss after the terrible disaster (Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami).
  28. Chiesa:  Jessica was at the piano. The "chiesa" (Italian for church) dark. I was using a flashlight on Jessica's music as she was performing. Suddenly, the "chiesa" was full of light until the end of the celebration.
  29. San Jose:  Going downtown to visit and have an espresso at Caffé Frascati.
  30. Nancy:  Just a tango for her. The pianist of Paolozzi Tango Trio.
  31. Between Nancy, Griff and Gianfranco: After I called them to participate in the trio. How do we collaborate?
  32. Women At MHC Bldg 3000 Saratoga: Love between 2 old humans when the man visits his wife.
  33. Nancy's Car Radio:  Going some place in Nancy's car and the radio was on.
  34. Thinking:  Can I write a tango with these 5 notes?
  35. From The Top:  Can I start from one place all of the time?
  36. In The Morning:  Omaggio a Fellini.
  37. 3 Single-Espressos:  Well...the Trio drinking one little espresso cup each.
  38. Tango Rachmaninoff:  The first 4 notes are the tango. Omaggio to Rachmaninoff.
  39. Milonga Para Felix:  One of Nancy's cats. I met Felix and he was fine then he got sick and he died.
  40. Mio Padre Mia Madre: In memory of my parents.
  41. Quasi Un Bolero:  Omaggio to all the people of Boiano, my town as a teenager.
  42. Reconciliation: A tango on how to resolve differences so that we can connect and collaborate better.
  43. Nancy At The Piano:  How Nancy communes with the music at the piano.
  44. Griff:  For Griff. For his violin and viola. For the first time we met at work in San Jose.
  45. Per La Zingara Dagli Occhi Neri:  From the Russian tune thinking of this beautiful Russian girl with black eyes.
  46. Tango Breve:  Just to try to make a tango short, very short. We do not have much time.
  47. Maya Lin:  For the tenacity that the young architect had to start and finish the Vietnam Vet Monument in Washington, D.C. One more link about Maya Lin
  48. The 4 Seasons:  Something to do with the 4 seasons and our ages.
  49. Journal: A Journal with notes done from December 11 until December 27 2013. Emotions of the holidays.
  50. A man and a woman: After the story that a friend of mine told me visiting him for a couple of espresso on how he endup having few words with this beautiful girl he was serving at the restaurant soon she appeared in front of his eyes.
  51. Un tango di notte: In the dark, in the black, you can not see a thing, you can not move, you can only imagine.
  52. At this moment: Notes with no values...just played as you see them at the moment.......they should be performed different at any time the tango is on.
  53. For the cello player: The sound of Freya's cello. The solo cello sound during an outside performance in San Jose.
  54. Obsession: One sound.....a long sound....a long moment. One image impressed in the mind......only one......a constant one.......all the time. One idea idea...only one....all the time.
  55. Yosemite and Shasta Lake: Thinking of the amount of ice there was once where now is Glacier Point going slow with the low engine sound of the house boat around a couple of Shasta Lake branches.
  56. La Ragazza Col Corno Francese: A young woman in one of the Bay Area Symphony Orchestra with a French Horn. Years ago we were working in the same building. Sometimes during lunches and brakes she will practice. I remember that sound. I remember the instrument in her hands. I do not remember the face of that young woman.
  57. Scherzo in C for Adelchi: a tune for Adelchi and his way to make anything with his hands.
  58. A Simple Milonga From An Old Waltz: Going over an old musical notation and reading it as a calm milonga, a soft milonga, with the help of the soft rain outside.....and i had to change those old notes.
  59. Tango Capriccioso: questo tango è dedicato a Enzo, il caro nipotino, e ai suoi amici che ha conosciuto a casa nostra: Liam, Chase, Kai, Tyler, Levi, and Nove
  60. Milonga From A Little French Song: i was in my car and listening a new cd of little french songs and one in particular made me very relaxed and passionate to accordion notes...and...we are waiting for the granddaughter...any day now...well, Gia Carmela Marrion was born about 4 hours after this post
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